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A Community Service Initiative

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Over the past 4 years I have been curating a collection of genetics that has inherited the moniker " Virginia Hemp" 

A tribute to the Founding Fathers and the Heritage in which our freedoms were established. Hemp was a staple in the American Agricultural Economy until the 2nd World War. 

Over the Seasons many families have contributed to the regional development of the genetics and the logistical side of compliance that goes along with State to Sate DOA requirements.

In efforts to suppor those that have supported me I would like to offer a unique listing. 

A Commemorative Vial from the OG Virginia Hemp Project containing a collection of Souvenir Seeds suitable for Hemp Cultivation

With each sale I will be contributing 50% to the Farms that will be supplying the seed and the additional 50% will be donated to a family in need. 

As this initiative grows we intend on developing a Serviced Based System that supports Farmers in our community that are facing hardships. 

It has been a long week preparing the harvest while keeping up with the production and shipping. I will Try and take some time to further develop these thoughts. Thank you all for your continued support 

1000 Listed | $25,000 Goal


***About the Breeder***

I have been Breeding Cannabis my entire adult life. It is the only form of survival I know. In the early 2000's my family lost everything they had worked their lives to achieve and for me that included direction. As I entered the "real world" I was plagued with depression as the family business was all I had ever known. From a young age I had been groomed to step into the Furniture Industry and worked to try and help the business hang on while I attended University. Utimiately I dropped out of College as a 5th year senior in Economics when the economy collapsed and our professors laughed about the likely hood of finding work once our marks had been met. For a brief time I taught my self a form of wire art and established the community we know and love through my relentless pursuit of the comfort and stability I had relied upon. From 2006-2016 i worked specificialy with a strain known only as "Ferrari" AKA, TheFastCar, that had been gifted to a close friend of mine while traveling in California in 99'/00. In 2016 I transitioned into hemp and helped to establish the Feminized Seed Model that many farmers rely upon today.I have grown cannabis in 12 states on over 50 farms. I have started and grown over 2,000,000 samples of my work from a host of genomes and I currently have over 400,000,000 seeds in my collection. Its time to share them with you all!~