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Mareacion | Tank | Now Available

MediCare | Medicina

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The question we get asked most often is about the Shipping Label being created but not processed?

We get about 3,000 orders per month. This is about 100 packages that we need to process daily. On the larger weekend sales it can be up to 350. We go ahead and pay for the postage so that we do not run into a situation where the orders are coming in faster than we can pint the labels. We are currently working on a new shipping office that should be able to handle the volume and get us back to a same or next day turn around on the regularly priced weekday orders and a 1 week turnaround on our larger Friday of Love Sales events.

Secondly.. The reason that we cannot respond to emails efficiently is due to the 50,000 free tincture request that we have received over the past 2 moths.

Those that have not financially contributed to the system are demanding, often quit vulgarly, that we give them what we "owe" them. Unfortunately what started out as an amazing opportunity for sharing has become a forum for the takers. I have temporarily suspended the free shipping option so that anyone that needs a Bottle can hop on and pay $4.77 for shipping and fulfillment so that we can ensure that you get what you need quickly!

We are going to step it up and work to get all of the free request out to you so that we may all continue in this journey of SelfCare together! <3

Why So Cheap?! 

We are not an average retail company. Although i do think there is a profitable business model working within the margins that we offer our primary focus is one of Human Rights. We believe that every Human deserves the right to Live Healthy, Happy, and Free. The first step in breaking free from the chains that Bind You is Rectifying a Basic Nutrient Deficiency of the EndoCannabinoid System!

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cOMunnity Yoga Live on IG TV


MediCare Gentle Flow w/ Becca

Sunday's @ 4:40 Eastern

Dream Sequence Restorative w/ Eva

Monday's @ 10pm Eastern

Many are asking about the stability of Delta 8 THC availability in the coming months. We have already been working on some ways in which we can partner with local businesses to ensure that you can find our products in your home town at the same low prices you have come to expect here on the Site. In the meantime we are going to work on building out the collection of other items that support our community and allow us to keep the Free CBD Tincture offer up for those in need. Delta 8 has been great to us but the mission at hand rest in a much bigger battle. We will continue to blaze forward and carve a path that is unique to our Giving Model for Business. Bring in the artist, bring in the farmers, and bring in the healers from all walks of life!

IF you have a product that you think your fellow MedicinalDreams Community Members would benefit from then please reach out via Email to . . [ mdHelpsUs@gmail.com ] . . Its time we engage the full support of our network and create something that is built to last!~

PSA: Carts gum up in cold weather. As the Temps drop, please be mindful of this! There are plenty of tricks to look up online but they all start with mindfulness.. Take care of your hardware and your hardware will take care of you!

MediDreams Full Spectrum Serum

Friday of Love | Free Classic Black Label

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Fruity Puck | Delta 8 THC

MediCare | Grab a Gummy

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2500mg Full Spectrum

Medicinal Dreams

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Black Lime | Enhanced Spectrum Serum

MediDreams | SelfCare

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We Be Poppin"

Kanna Korn | Enhanced Spectrum

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Virginia Black | Delta 8 Pre-Roll

MediDreams | SelfCare

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CBD Tincture | Full Spectrum | 1000mg

. . MediCare | Distilled | Cannabidiol . .

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Delta 8 THC

. . MediCare | Distilled | 1000mG Extract . .

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Grape Ape | Enhanced Spectrum Serum

MediDreams | SelfCare

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Dab Jar | Grape Ape

Delta 8 THC | True Terpenes

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Moon Rocks | Craft Flower

Delta 8 | CBG Enhanced | $5 Friday

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Black Lime | Ccell Vape

Delta 8 THC | Tru Terpenes

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Forbidden Fruit Serum | 3000mg Delta 8

MediCare | Xtra Strength

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Delta 8 | Hemp Derived

Distillate | THC | 90%^

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Delta 8 Sales Kit | Street Hustles

MediCare | Wholesale

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