THCo | Terpene Infused

Super Strength | PhycoActive Hemp THC

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THCo is a new Hemp Derived Molecule 

10 Times the Potency of Delta 8 and more Similar to Delta 9 ( Medical Cannabis ) in effect!

Please Start slowly and consume responsibly!

- 5ml and 10ml Jars Available  - 

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United States United States

I love the effects of this product. I put a small amount in my pen and felt it straight away.

Mike G.
United States United States

I wasnt very impressed as i indulge in thc products and delta 8 products but, but it is stronger than delta 8 the flavor was spot on i didnt like how thin it was i about poured it out opening it lol. Over all i give it a 7.5 . i think the way to get all 300% would be eat it. The wifey ate some and its been 2 days and shes still groovy . i like it!!!! Ill buy more!

Keaton L.
United States United States
Amazing product, start slow.

This product has been great, it is definitely more similar to Delta9 but a little novel and marginally weaker. The effects take a while to really shine, but when they do its significantly stronger than Delta8. Great product overall and I would recommend it to others, tastes great too, but is a little expensive for the effects.

Michael S.
United States United States
Delayed onset, but hits like a mule.

As others have noted, THCo behaves much more like an edible than typical vaped THC: delay until effect and prolonged effect once it kicks in. This should be treated with respect: It’s potent and with the delayed onset it’s very easy to inadvertently take a hit or two too much.

Patrick S.
United States United States
Definitely reached a higher plane

All of the research and experience reports I've read told me that this stuff has a higher potency than Delta9 THC. From my experience with this product, I definitely reached a higher altitude than D8 but not as close to D9. The amount taken was more than id use with a D9 concentrate. It seems like I have to use a significant amount more so I definitely have to increase my dose. I love Medicinal Dreams, I have been using their products for a few years now and overall this is a very tasty product. I just don't think I paid it's actual value.