Delta 10 THC | Terpene Infused Concentrate | 5ml

Medicinal Dreams

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Delta 10 THC is a new Hemp Derived Molecule 

Similar to a Delta 9 Sativa ( Medical Cannabis ) in effect!

Please Start slowly and consume responsibly!

5ml per order 

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Jessica S.
United States United States

Oh yeah!

I love this. Works everytime. Used for CPTSD & pelvic injury.

Andrew B.
United States United States

MIRACLE the only thing that has worked on phantom pains

delta 10 has a bit of a trippy effect, and so far is the MOST effective thing I have found, including heavy duty narcotics, that do NOT work as well for phantom pains from an amputation. I also love how relaxing it is as far as head space or head high, but it is just so effective for me on my body that the mental effects are slmost for me, a side effect. a very pleasant side effect. but I use it for heavy duty physical pain and mental and nerver pain very effectivly. delta 8 is great for a little buzz this is better for physical effects similar to the marshmellow body buzz much more common with narcotics. mixed with a little THCo gave me almost a vibrating body buzz that was enough to give me a numbness where there was sharp heavy pains, and the dull droning pains like the strained muscless pains from jusping and spazzing from the sharp pains well they go away too. eveyrthing just relaxes the prescritption relaxers and the heavy duty prescription narcotics kinda worked the first 6 months almost a year kind of effectivly now pretty much wont do anything, and this is when they are willing to prescribe them they are not even worth the hassle of getting them. when this works far, FAR better, for my pains. and like I said mixed up a little with some other things, I get a groovy head space too, and buzz makes the anxiety so much more able to be dealt with, and being in so much less physical pain it is like a 2 fold relif, you get a little gigly gigglier and goofier and more marshmellowy. let me tell you for a person that is at most times confined to a bed, unless heavily medicated. this is a godsent. a miracle. I was kinda ok with taking all the pills, becuase they were originally making me feel great, but when they stopped working, and then got really and increasingly difficult to get. OMG that made things so much worse, I was suicidal at times. then I found this site. started with carts of delta 8 and now I can not live without them. the new delta 10 is even more effective, and most effective like I said for physical pains and so far the onyl thing effective at all for phantom pains. crazy thing trying to scratch or hold or cool off or warm up a foot or inbetween your toes. ON A FOOT THAT AINT THERE NO MORE. its a horrible feeling. thank GOD for you guys and all of the products. I can not say enough about how much of a literal miracle finding you has been for my quality of life.

Rusty S.
United States United States

Great product

I mix it into my CBD buds for an added boost. The buzz last for hours.