Genetic development for a growing industry
Our mission is to ensure the establishment of Hemp as a sustainable resource on both a domestic and international platform. 
Through the discovery and preservation of Cannabis Genotypes consisting of at or below .3% THC and defined as “Industrial Hemp” we are able to maintain a diverse and growing genetic bank that will serve mankind for generations to come. 
At Konopi we see the struggles associated with modern-day agriculture and aim to provide technological innovations to real world situations. By way of genetic modification through our Feminized Hemp Seed we have allowed farmers to see a 50% increase in their crops production as well as a tremendous decline in the amount of skilled labor needed to prepare for each growing season. 
The revitalization of Cannabis in Agriculture can provide a stable renewable resource for many industries associated with a heavy carbon footprint. We can eliminated the need for deforestation due to our dependency on toiletries and other disposable paper products. We can produce the plastics needed to allow for biodegradable shopping bags and food storage containers. Most importantly, we can bridge the gap between the the consumer and the manufacturing process. Bring the production and manufacturing of our way of life back to the American Soil. 
Through our consultation and educational services we guide new farms and businesses through the integration of this newly emerging industry and into a career that may be proudly handed down from generation to generation.