Is this for real?
Yes, we are a small group of farmers and enthusiasts wanting to make quality products available to all those in need, spreading the message to help more and more people discover the benefits of cannabinoid health. 

When will my order ship?
Stated on your Order Confirmation Receipt, we attempt to ship between 7-14 business days from date of order. We have a large number of orders coming in, and this allows us a grace period to fulfill and process each order. Please be kind in your communication, demanding comments are not welcomed in our safe space. 

What is VIP Shipping? Select this shipping option for your next order and  regardless of when you ordered we will assign a customer service rep to service your order and attempt to ship out right away (and as long as all items are ready). We will also use UPS service when applicable to avoid the USPS complications going on nationwide. Please note this is NOT Overnight Service and still could have a wait for orders. 

Note: Discount Codes CANNOT be used with the VIP Shipping Option. 

Can I return my items?
All sales are final. This is a simple safety issue as we cannot guarantee what is returned has not been tampered with or changed during its journey. 

Can I add items to an existing order or change my order?
We are not capable of adding items, or adjusting existing orders.
We do not have the ability to reprocess a sale.You will need to place a second order, and pay shipping costs.

My package was sent back, what can you do to solve this?
Please check your shipping address carefully and make sure everything is correct. We cannot control packages being shipped back if given an incorrect address initially. Likewise we also cannot control issues with delayed shipment by USPS. In a special case where an error causes a package to be returned we can issue a refund, but not until the package is received on our end.

Why is my shipping label still in Pre-ship?
We print labels as we process and fulfill orders, this does not mean your package has been shipped, or that your package is lost.This just means your order is received and being processed.



All Sales Are Final 
You Must Be 18+ To Order
We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone for Any Reason