Quarantine and Chill | 1500mg

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Curated in Evergreen, Colorado this Limited Edition Tincture has been handcrafted to support your recent alternate lifestyle changes and uplift your quality of life by helping to calm nerves, improve sleep, elevate mood, open breathing passageways, fight viruses and build your immunity. This product has been manufactured using organic and sustainably sourced products including locally grown and organically harvested CBD, Reishi Mushroom and Osha Root.

CBD comes from the hemp plant and contains an incredible amount of health benefits that range from uplifting mood, easing painful joints and muscles, sleep enhancement as well as calming the mind. Reishi Mushroom also has a great calming effect while enhancing lung, heart, brain and neurological health. Osha Root is a precious plant found in the Rocky Mountains known for its powerful lung opening capabilities. Unfortunately Osha Root is in danger of over-harvesting, so we will not be producing a second round of this exact tincture.