Jungle Boogie | Dawg’s Waltz x Ferrari

TeamFastCar | Type 1

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Jungle Boogie | Type 1

Dawg's Waltz x Ferrari OG 

[ Purple Erkle x Tres Dawg | Ferrari x OG ] 

In 2016 I was working in the High Country of Colorado. There I was introduced to a man by the named of Ken Glenn and a strain known to us as the "Poodle Nutz".  Upon some investigation we traced the cutting back to JJ Edwards of Top Dawg Genetics and His work with the infamous Chem Dawg. Earlier, in 2009, I had been gifted a cutting of the "Chem D" and got my first taste of what an Uncirculated Clone Only Cultivar was all about. Immediately I knew that the Ferrari we had been guarding was of this caliber and something that needed to be passed on and handed down to generations of growers to come. 

Jungle Boogie is an F1 offspring of the famed Clone Only Cannabis Cultivar, Poodles Nutz, and an open pollination by 4 F1 Ferrari x OG Males. The Four Males accompanied 3 Female Selections that were all that survived my journey from the east cost when I began a Pilgrimage into the Desert of New Mexico in 2012. 

Throughout my years in Cannabis I have experienced every palate one could imagine. This one is special. Permeating with notes of Grape Peals and the Finest Fragrance One may find in a Second Hand High End Auto Body Shop. It is as though Mr Edwards Tanned the Hide of Plum and wrapped it around the Soul of a Mac Truck. The Musky undertones of Soured Toe Cheese and Hot Buttered Lemons will leave you wondering what Unlikely Union Has permeated thy tastebuds🙈

F1 Breeding Stock / Pheno Select 

100 x 12 Count Allotments Available

Feminized Seed For Commercial Cultivation Upon Request