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MyceliOhm Network | CBN | 250mg

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This incredible tincture fuses the forces of Lion’s Mane Mushroom + Passion Flower + CBN to bring you a calm and refreshed mind while balancing the rhythm of your heart. With this symbiotic trifecta, you will gain meaningful rest to energy to your life and in your waking dreams. Pre-order yours now for $40 here mycleiohm.com/shop.
Lion’s Mane Mushroom has some monumental health benefits and has be used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Anxiety, Depression, High Cholesterol, Inflammation, Parkinson’s Disease, Ulcers and more! It’s neurogenesis helps clarify and strengthen the mind while repairing previous damage.
Passion Flower is a plant that has been used to treat Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Insomnia, Epilepsy, Neuralgia and more
CBN, also known as Cannabinol, is one of over a hundred cannabinoids, and one that is not known for it’s psychoactive properties, but rather a source of several other! CBN has been used to aid in sleep, relieve pain, fight bacteria, ALS and more