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CBD and ME.


My Journey with Crohn’s Disease and CBD


My name is Matthew Millner. I am 33 years old and have an autoimmune disease. I was Diagnosed with Crohn’s 5 years ago and lived with it undiagnosed for many years. From the time I was a young kid I had a squirmy stomach. I had diarrhea often as a baby and in my youth, my nerves always sent my stomach into knots. No one really thought much of this as a child but looking back it was clear it was the beginning stages of the disease. Fast forward to my adult life. I am a fly fishing guide and make my living outside. One day on the River I started a GI bleed. This landed me in the hospital and was passed off as too many Advil for a shoulder issue I was having. I was then diagnosed with severe gastritis, a condition which I did not have. Eventually my second cousin ,who was previously diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, set me up an appointment with her GI doctor. The biopsy’s taken during my colonoscopy showed that, in fact ,I too had Crohn’s disease. I was put on a biologic drug called Entyvio. Entyvio worked wonders for me.  it took away the painful “attacks” that would happen at random. These attacks would be my body literally eating holes in itself. They would manifest out of nowhere and last for 8-12 hours. Sometimes as often as every few weeks.  I would be literally be on the floor or in the bed in a ball in the most pain I have ever even thought about enduring. I once had a nurse tell me she would choose child birth over these attacks any day. The Entyvio gave me hope for a full life again, until the side effects started to show up. Back pain, intolerable low back,  joint pain, cold symptoms like sinus pain, scratchy throat, tired all the time etc etc. Sure my belly felt better but everything else started to hurt or deteriorate. My muscles started to atrophy and stop firing correctly etc. I reached out to Noah, whom I had known since high school. I went to Buena Vista, CO  with my girlfriend to visit him, see his farm, and hear about his journey. I decided to do what the doctors all said I shouldn’t do and that was get off the Biologic Drug. I took a leap of faith after visiting with Noah. He sent me home with tinctures, powders, edibles and other forms of CBD isolate and full spectrum products. There isn’t much out in the way of dosage recommendations or regimens for treatment so I started to experiment. I have now been off of the Entyvio for over a year. While I would like to tell you I haven’t had any symptoms of my Crohn’s since I started the CBD, that wouldn’t be true. But what I can tell you is I feel better, I have more energy, and when I have had an attack ( which has only been TWO! since being off Entyvio)  CBD and other cannabinoids have shortened the duration by half of what i typically expected. What many people don’t realize is that Crohn’s is a disease of inflammation. That inflammation manifests itself all over the body. Soft tissues, tendons, throughout the entire muscular system. At one point my fingers hardly worked trying to tie fishing knots for my clients and that hasn’t been an issue since starting on CBD. Daily CBD regimens help keep that inflammation at bay, it helps keep my anxiety about the disease at bay, it allows me to live the lifestyle I want to live. Life isn’t perfect; I still have pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation etc from time to time but not on a daily basis. Sometimes I may go months without having any symptoms at all. Most of the time I feel great and I have recently been enjoying working long days on our organic farm. I do not live in fear of an attack and I have zero side effects from cannabinoids. There is new research every day showing how cannabinoids can help relive and even reverse autoimmune diseases. CBD is just a piece of the puzzle. It has truly changed my life. I encourage anyone  who suffers from Crohn’s disease to start on CBD, Stop drinking alcohol,  and start consuming more fruits and vegetables! The disease can be managed and CBD can greatly reduce the symptoms associated with Crohn's. My infusions cost $14,000 every 8 weeks VS $400 for an ounce of CBD that will last me several months. CBD is a safe, clean, and organic compound that I believe in.